The Queen of Spices

You’ve just entered the home of the world’s most amazing spice. Cardamom is known throughout the eastern world as one of the healthiest spices and has been used forCardamom medicinal purposes for tens of thousands of years. It is a most magnificent spice!

Did you just eat an Indian dish in a restaurant and discovered that its taste was augmented by this mysterious substance known as cardamom? Or perhaps you study Ayurvedic medicine and are interested in knowing some more facts about this spice. Whatever your reason, this website will tell you just what the heck this cardamom thing is.

Also known as Elaichi in Indian, this is one of the oldest spices in history. It has the ability to heal teeth and gums, can be used as perfume and is overall one of the most delicious spices you can put into your mouth. It used to also be, in a sense, a spice for the rich and the wealthy, as it was one of the most expensive spices. It is no longer as expensive today as it is now grown in many places and there isn’t a limited supply. You can find out more about the financial aspect of cardamom here: Cardamom Prices.

What is it that you’re interested in? Green cardamom? Black cardamom? Cardamom seeds? Ground cardamom?  Each type comes from different locations in the world. Even though the cardamom spice comes originally from India, other types exist in other areas such as Scandinavia. The Vikings apparently decided it was a good idea to go to the great city of Constantinople, and the cardamom was so pleasing to their taste buds that they brought it back to their homeland.

CardamomsCaesar and the Romans, as well as the Greeks, took great pleasure in using cardamom as a perfume. Since it has such a strong flavor and such an intense aroma, it can be used to make some interesting perfumes. For example, white cherry combined with cardamom is a VERY powerful combination! As a side note, cardamom is often used in aphrodisiac formulas. So don’t be surprised if the opposite sex starts eying you if you use a perfume that contains cardamom. It can and does have that effect!

This website provides information for fans of cardamom, as well as general knowledge about cardamom that you can’t find anywhere else. Use the right navigation bar to make your way through this website—but beware, after seeing so many pictures of cardamom, you may be tempted to go to your local grocery store and spend your entire salary on this spice! 😉

Remember not to use too much cardamom. It has a very intense flavor, so use sparingly. Too much of a good thing can get you addicted. 😀