Cardamom Cookies

Ah, cardamom cookies. I must warn you beforehand that these are extremely addicting and I take no responsibility for you gaining massive amounts of weight after becoming obsessed with the infinite and ecstatic deliciousness that these blissful cookies contain. Few mortals can gaze at a cardamom cookie and not eat it.Cardamom Cookies

These are also healthy, and completely vegan.

You need green cardamom spice, a quarter of a cup of water, a teaspoon of vanilla, one cup of raw sugar, half a cup of canola, a bunch of vegan chocolate, green cardamom, half a teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of baking powder and two cups of unbleached flour.

Yes, this impressive cookie recipe uses two of the most expensive spices in the world: cardamom and vanilla. You may begin salivating.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Note that the reason why you want to preheat your oven is because how well goodies like cookies come out of the oven depends on how quickly the heat of the oven gets to the flour, fat and baking powder. So do it, as it is important for pastries and cakes. Don’t skip this step. Preheating the oven is not an old wives’ myth and it can influence how the finished product comes out.

Take out two large recipients. On the first one, mix the sugar and the oil. On the second on, mix and match the baking powder, salt, cardamom and baking powder. Stir in the vegan chocolate as you like and make a nice hole in the middle. Now go back to the first recipient and put in water and vanilla and mix. Mix everything well and then put it in the hole you made on the second recipient.

Place everything into a cookie sheet and pour some green cardamom spice into these delicious cookies. Then insert it all in the oven. Wait six minutes and then spin the sheets around. Wait for another five minutes and then remove them. Don’t touch the cookies yet. Let them cool off a bit so they can harden.

They should now be ready to please you with their awesome taste. These cookies are not just delicious, but they also hold in them the essence of cardamom, inside and outside. Note that you can use other ingredients if you like. If you’re a vegan these are perfect for you, but if you personally prefer a little egg in your cookies, then you can add them to the water/oil mix if you like.

You can also combine cardamom with other spices, and pouring a drop of lemon into each of the cookies as they come out is not a bad idea either. There’s much room for creativity so you don’t have to follow these guidelines to the letter. It’s always more fun to make your own things than to follow strict instructions, anyway.

Besides their yummy tastiness, these cookies also have the health benefits of cardamom and in particular this combination of ingredients will make you want to go to the toilet rather quickly. Cardamom itself accelerates stomach processes and combined with the other ingredients in the cookie recipe, it will only quicken the process that much faster.

It’s so worth it though. Yum. 😀