Cardamom Ice Cream

In order to make a cardamom ice cream you need an ice cream maker first and foremost. Well, OK, you don’t actually need it, but it seriousCardamom ice Creamly makes the job much, much easier. An ice cream machine isn’t necessarily expensive. You can easily get a decent one for $60. The best ones will cost as much as $400. Nevertheless, an ice cream machine is the smart man’s way of making ice cream.

If you really don’t have an ice cream machine and don’t want to buy one, you can try make the ice cream manually, performing the functions of the machine with your own two hands.

Now, first you’re going to need cardamom pods. No ground cardamom here. You’re going to use fresh, delicious, quality green cardamoms. You will need about 25. Once you have the green cardamom pods, crush them to pieces. You can do this with mortar and pestle if you like, but this can be quite difficult for a lot of people.

Crushing cardamom pods can sometimes be a challenge. Try using a spice grinder, mortar and pestle, or something like that. Note that lots of people have great success using an electric coffee grinder, so if you have one, you can use that.

For the recipe, you will also need two cups of heavy cream, two cups of rice milk, a cup of sugar and some vanilla extract. Lemon juice is optional and you can also use some crushed nuts for topping if you like. All recipes are subject to the will of the cook. You are free to add anything that you think might improve the recipe and I really encourage that you exercise your creativity like this. This is only a rough guideline. Creating your own stuff is much more satisfying anyway.

NOTE: A vegan substitute for heavy cream can be created by blending a combination of coconut extract, vanilla extract, canola oil, lemon juice, rice syrup and rice milk. You can also blend tofu and rice milk.

Use a saucepan to combine the crushed green cardamom pods with the rice milk and the cream. Leave it on the heat for 4 minutes or so, then remove and let it cool off for about 20 minutes. Pull out the cardamom pods and seeds and leave it on the fridge for 8 hours.

Place everything in the ice cream machine and let it work its magic for 20 minutes or so. Then put it in the freezer until you want to eat it.

Although normally ice cream isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world, this one is quite healthy if you follow the ingredients listed. Cardamom itself is very good for the purpose of releasing toxins that are in the stomach, and although it does lose some of its beneficial properties due to the freezing process involved in making the ice cream, it nevertheless is healthy for you, especially if you use the vegan heavy cream.

Enjoy your glorious cardamom ice cream, and remember to share with your family and friends. Ice cream always tastes better when you eat it with your loved ones.