Cardamom in Hindi

So you’re going on a trip to India or perhaps you’ve been there for a while and you know that finally your time has come! Glorious cardamom in every restaurant, teas everywhere flooded with the spice from heaven. You imagine total and utter ecstasy as you consume cardamom tea and you eat delicious basmati rice with green cardamom. You begin to salivate knowing that all your cardamom dreams are going to come true. Nothing can stop you now. You are in the holy land of cardamom, and your true purpose in life is about to be fulfilled.

You may also be thinking of hitting on hot Hindi girls(or guys) but you don’t know a word of Hindi. Nevertheless, you probably already understand that just by saying the magical cardamom word, you will have everyone’s attention. No matter how much you look like a foreigner, if you simply say the C-word the Hindus will automatically consider you one of their own. Such is the power of cardamom.

You may also want to walk around New Delhi with a signpost that says “Cardamom! Cardamom!”, but you don’t know how to write it. Have no fear, because I have just made your life much easier. Here is everything you need in order to walk around New Delhi while you greet everyone with “Elaichi! Elaichi!”. Who needs “hi” and “hello”, anyway?

Cardamom in HindiSpoken:

  • Cardamom: Elaichi
  • Cardamoms: Elaichi
  • Black Cardamom: Badee Elaichi
  • Green Cardamom: Chootte Elaichi
  • Black Cardamoms: Kalee Elaichi
  • Green Cardamoms: Kalee Elaichi


  • Cardamom: इलायची
  • Black Cardamom: काले इलायची
  • Green Cardamom: ग्रीन इलायची
  • Black Cardamomsकाले इलायची
  • Green Cardamoms: हरी इलायची

 Here it is. This is it. You’ve waited for this moment. The moment when you can finally drown in a sea of cardamom and rejoice as the maidens of heaven take you into a blissful nirvana of cardajoy. You have dedicated your life to becoming the greatest consumer of cardamom in the universe, and no man, woman or child can stand in your way now.

I look forward to seeing you fulfilling your cardamom dreams and desires, because as of this moment your are being looked up by all the Vikings who ransacked Constantinople in order to get this cardamom into the eastern world. Odin, Thor and Loki are already looking at you as one of them, and your ascension into the divine begins.

Go forth! the higher cardamom gods have entrusted you, and only you with this special mission. Let cardajoy, cardalove and cardaecstasy fill your body and soul and let the cardaparty begin. Hindi is a new language for you, but don’t let that stop you. You WILL spread the cardamom joy throughout the universe, for this is your grand destiny. Elaichi! Elaichi!

Well done, well done. You are a truly honorable individual, and I am proud of you.

P.S.: Cardajoy, Cardalove, Cardaecstasy and Cardaparty are not actual words, but I will copyright them here and now. Maybe someone will come up with a equivalent for these words in Hindi. If you do, drop me an E-mail and I will actually include them here.

Disclaimer: Some of the things written in this article may be slightly(but only slightly) exaggerated. You may not necessarily find your marriage partner by shouting Elaichi at them, though it still remains a possibility. And besides, if you actually manage to do that, you’re a hero to humanity.