Cardamom Tea

This is the greatest cardamom tea recipe in the universe.

There are two kinds of cardamom tea: Black cardamom tea(less popular) and green cardamom tea(more popular). As with any kind of tea, there are various ways to make a delicious tea. It’s up to you to test and try out new things. There are countless recipes for teas but generally speaking all of them require the same things and the variations are up to the individual’s preference.

For a basic tea you need only two basic components, the first of which is hot water. The kind of water you use will determine the quality of tea, as it is the basic element of any tea you might make. You can’t run away from the fact that tea is 97% water, yet surprisingly this is often overlooked. Therefore, you shouldn’t use tap water if you live in a big, polluted city. If you live in a smaller city or a city with good tap water, you could use it, but it’s never the superior choice.

Distilled water is also evil. Yes, evil. Pure evil. The absolute shadow. I dare you to try to drink a tea using distilled water. It will taste bland and horrible. No, distilled water is not pure water free of impure chemicals. Those “impure chemicals” are actually beneficial for you, which is why they exist in natural-occurring water in the first place! Sodium, magnesium and calcium are obviously friends of the human body. Don’t forsake them.

Cardamom TeaHere’s my recommendation: Go out and buy a couple of different spring water brands, and try them all mixed with your normal teas. See which one tastes best. You will notice that even with spring water that there is a significant difference in taste and composition. Once you find one that pleases your taste buds, you can boil the water.

If you now want to make a sort of mixed cardamom tea, you need some teabags. Go get some Roibos teabags or whatever brand you prefer, or make your own. Get about 5 green cardamom pods, crush them to pieces, and put them in the water. Start the boiling action and when the water begins boiling add the teabags and throw some rice milk into the mix.

Now add a drop of lemon, and serve. Once served, put in a small amount of honey to sweeten the tea. You can also use sugar, but I personally always prefer honey with my teas. Nevertheless, I leave the choice to you. It’s your tea after all.

Enjoy, and remember that cardamom tea is very good for stomach problems, depending on how much cardamom you use. There have been many studies done about cardamom and it is generally agreed that it detoxifies your tummy.

There are also scientific studies that say that cardamom tea can help fighting cancer. Controlled laboratory tests reveal that while it is not a full treatment by itself, it can definitely help slow down the cancer’s progress throughout the human body.

There are other health benefits of cardamom.

The more mystic and occult circles of society also claim that cardamom is quite the aphrodisiac and that it can be used to make love and lust potions. So if you want to seduce that special someone, perhaps alcohol may not be the best strategy. Cardamom tea all the way! 😉