Ground Cardamom

¬†Ground cardamom is the less flavorful cousin of green cardamom. In a sense, it’s the poor man’s version of cardamom because it is not as tasty, and is quite dry and not very aromatic. Some health products utilize ground cardamom and many people use it to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed upon that ground cardamom is inferior to green and black cardamom.

Many people do use ground cardamom for one purpose though: It’s good for making Swedish cardamom bread.

Ground cardamom is often much cheaper when compared to green cardamom, and this is often the reason why people buy it. It loses its flavor very, very fast, and it is truly highly recommended that you buy cardamom whole.

Nevertheless, the option is available for those that prefer the more economic ground cardamom. However, do you really want it? It’s been sitting idle on the grocery store for centuries and has practically lost all its flavor. I don’t know about you, but it isn’t the slightest bit attractive to me.

Ground CardamomGround cardamom has the same health benefits as the regular cardamom. It makes the processes of your stomach go faster so you will go the bathroom much more quickly. The many studies done to investigate the health benefits of cardamom have revealed that it has the ability to both accelerate detoxing activity in the stomach as well as cleanse it from substances that don’t belong there.

Apart from its powerful detoxing effects, it also has the ability to help combat cancer. Tests on mice have revealed that cardamom has powerful agents that can aid in slowing down the propagation of cancer, and while it isn’t a complete cure in and of itself, it can be a very helpful and deadly ally when it comes to beating cancer.

Cardamom(and ground cardamom) is also used as an aphrodisiac and love and lust potion in occult circles. Many practitioners who sell love or lust potions often use cardamom as an ingredient. While it is arguable whether they actually work, there is some scientific and historical basis for why it may actually work.

Scientifically, cardamom has a chemical that attracts male orchid bees, and this chemical is actually often used to trap the male orchid bees. It is also known that the ancient Greeks used cardamom as a perfume, as they believed it would make them more attractive to the opposite sex.

It should be noted, however, that ground cardamom’s health benefits are diminished due to it being an inferior version of green/black cardamom. Just as fruit will lose its nutritional benefits if it rots, so will stale cardamom. Since ground cardamom loses its flavor so fast, it can be difficult to actually extract any health benefits from it.

I don’t mean to be too aggressive with ground cardamom, as it is obviously in the industry’s best interest to actually sell it, and it can be used in some situations, but most of the time the purer green cardamom is truly the superior choice.

A common substitute for ground cardamom is cinnamon and nutmeg, although it doesn’t taste quite the same.